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Our Digital Outreach department focuses on spreading your brand's media profiles out and helping bring additional traffic to your website. When we see that our client's profiles are ready to be presented, we assist with publishing your brand into magazines, blogs, and more (ex. Buzzfeed, Forbes, Marketwatch, LA Tribune, etc..) This is the key to building a new audience is ensuring you are on top of your press. This is what our Digital outreach department is here to assist you with. We will help you create a press release and get it distributed to potential publishers. 

Press Releases


Email Campaigns

Targeted Demographics

Becoming Newsworthy



Our Digital Outreach team focuses on the different ways to bring engagement towards your business or brand. This includes brainstorming different content to create, different ways to present your content to an audience, as well as digital storytelling. The end goal is to have our client's become newsworthy. 

Email Campaigns are a great way to stay in contact with your targeted audience whom have shown interest towards your business. We will help you create effective Email Campaigns that will help generate revenue. 

Press Releases are a huge factor to developing your brand or business. That's why Release Socially helps our client's with this process. We will help you with your press release and distribution. It's important to a business or a brand to know whom their business connects with and this is how we assist our clients is by finding their targeted demographic. 

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